Windsong Boats present
Our 14ft Performance lugger

For Sailing Fun in Creeks and Backwaters

Built from The Best of The Old with the Best of The New

A unique, hand crafted, high performance, two or one person sailing dinghy, with a powerful traditional lug rig on a light weight, low resistance hull form providing relaxed “Lazy Summer Sailing” in light airs...

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Designed by John Owles, Summer Boat Design, with Burnham Overy Staithe in mind, to cater for sailing in shallow, winding creeks and negotiating the numerous shallows where a boat needs to be agile, quick to tack and close winded.

Within h
er design is the best of the old with the best of the new. She has a cedar strip planked hull, epoxy/glass sheathed, with a double layer on the bottom panels for additional wear resistance. The mast and yard are of light weight carbon fibre for stiffness and strength. The centreboard is constructed from laminated, light weight, cedar and carbon fibre.

 Windsong short tacks with agility and is quick to power up. With the traditional lug rig providing plenty of power with a relatively low centre of effort, she is powerful enough to make ground against strong tides and has the ability to beat off a shallow lee shore. The sail plan has been designed at half centreboard down, this results in an ability to make way to windward when crossing shallow sandbanks. In deep water, with the board fully down, full windward efficiency is restored.

During sailing trials in a f5 breeze, we achieved a planing speed of 12 knots.

Windsong tracker image 1Windsong planing speed 2

Specification Imperial Metric
Designer: John Owles, Summer Boat Design

Builder: Maxine Owles

LOD 14.20 4.33
LOA 15.87 4.84
lwl 13.20 4.022
Beam 5.00 1.52
bwl 4.21 1.282
Waterplane Area 40.13 ft2 3.688 m2
Wetted surface area 40.13 ft3 3.729 m3
Design Draft 0.33 0.1
Draft CB Down 2.72 0.83
Approximate Weight (unladen) 138.0 lbs 62.6 kg
Approximate Weight (Laden) 446.00 lbs 202.30 kg

Sail Area 101.68 ft2 7.94 m2
Main 71.71 ft2 6.66 m2
Jib 29.97 ft2 2.78 m2
wl Speed 4.87 kn
hull resistance at waterline speed 17.50 lbs 7.97 kg
Hull speed at which planing may commence 3.25-4 kn

News and Events

We are exhibiting at the Boatlife Boat Show, NEC, Birmingham

Come and see Windsong at Stand E9, by the Bar - 17th to 20th Feb 2022. We will be delighted to meet you.

Download the Windsong Brochure here

Windsong Boats are actively seeking two boat builders to join us in this exciting adventure. Interested?   Please contact us.

The Windsong prototype was launched for sailing trials on 17th July 2021

An enormous thank you to all our supporters of the Windsong project.

"This is possibly the coolest wooden boat ever built - a planing lug-rigger capable of 12 knots"

This is possibly the coolest wooden boat ever built - a planing lug-rigger capable of 12 knots
Windsong Sails by Michael McNamara X-Sails

Sailing Hardware by Allen Brothers

As of December 2021, Windsong Boats Ltd have received five confirmed orders for new Windsongs to be built.

Build numbers ticking up gently. We now have another Windsong on the production list.

For More Information, Contact Harry at: or John at:   Windsong Boats Ltd

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